Sectors - Transport

Modern transport policies dictate the use of large interchanges for seamless transfers. These interchanges often incorporate large atrias and massive roof structures which provide Dyer the opportunity to automatically ventilate openings for both smoke and heat removal. Some of the largest NSHEV's in the UK are operated by Dyer actuators and controls systems.

Project: Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool
Main Contractor: ISG
Natural Ventilation Systems

This uniquely shaped building is naturally ventilated throughout using 230 volt RAL-coloured chain actuators, fitted to top-hung outwards opening high level windows.  Bespoke bracket designs were developed with the curtain walling contractor to provide the optimum window fixing, both in terms of security and aesthetics.

Project: Barnsley Transport Interchange
Main Contractor: Laing O'Rourke
Natural Ventilation Systems

Hinged ETFE parallelogram-shaped roof vents demanded detailed design work from all parties to meet the natural ventilation requirements for this award-winning Transport Interchange.  Ultra precise bracketry, coupled with a combined 6KN force was required to open these vents.  The electronically synchronized rack & pinion actuator pairs on each vent were designed to meet the onerous wind loading requirements for the project.  We supplied our own climate control system, monitoring the internal temperatures as well as the external wind and rain conditions.

Project: Dubai Airport Emirates Terminal
Main Contractor: Al Abbar Aluminium
Smoke Ventilation Systems

By working closely with Chicago-based Architects, German curtain wallers and Emirati aluminium suppliers, Dyer was able to provide over 1600 chain actuators for low level inlet ventilation for the Terminal’Äôs smoke ventilation system.  Each vent required 4 No. synchronized 1400mm stroke length chains, providing 60 degree opening to meet all loading and aerodynamic area requirements.  Dyer not only was able to assist in the actual vent design, but was also able to provide a completely concealed solution, with all chain actuators fitted within the vent frame profile.  


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