Sectors - Retail

Shopping centre's continue to grow into almost town-like proportions. The huge "population" within these structures
require a comfortable environment in which to move. As important is the security allowing them easy escape in case
of fire. Dyer has worked with fire consultants to ensure smoke layers are achieved by passive ventilation systems which
result in a clear escape route.

Project: Ikea Store, Coventry
Main Contractor: Underwood Carpenter
Remote Manual Window Controls

A quick turnaround was needed when the call came for simple stairwell smoke ventilation from this retail site. Dyer was able to step in to provide remote manual chain window openers to the stairwell windows on each floor. These could be operated on a floor-by-floor basis for the fire officer's use.


Project: St Martin's Courtyard, Covent Garden
Main Contractor: Wates Construction
Smoke Ventilation Systems

These smoke vents demanded both form and function. Dyer could offer the sleek, unobtrusive KA chain actuators which not only fitted perfectly within the surroundings, but also provided a large 1000mm stroke length to meet the free area requirements.

Project: Adidas UK, Stockport
Main Contractor: Smith Group UK Ltd
Natural Ventilation Systems

Located in the dining room is a high atrium roof with a natural ventilation system installed for added comfort. A rain sensor is installed for automatic closure.


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