Sectors - Healthcare

Accelerating patient recovery time can be assisted by ensuring a clean air environment through steadily controlled ventilation. Temperature levels can be kept steady and uncomfortable draughts avoided. Achieving smoke-free escape routes is also essential for patients.

Project: Peterborough City Hospital
Main Contractor: Brookfield Construction UK Ltd
Smoke & Natural Ventilation Systems

Vertically mounted natural and smoke ETFE vents were used throughout the 2 atria at the new hospital.  Using 1200mm synchronized rack & pinion actuators, Dyer was able to offer in excess of 80 degree opening vents, thereby meeting the strenuous ventilation requirements met in the project.


Full incrementally opening control was provided by our smoke and natural ventilation control panels, which linked directly to the fire alarm and the BMS.


Project: London Clinic Cancer Centre
Main Contractor: Shepherd Construction
Smoke Ventilation Systems

A combination of single and twin chain actuators were used to provide smoke ventilation throughout the newly refurbished Cancer Centre.  The full smoke ventilation system was operated using a linked system of smoke ventilation control panels, so providing an efficient dependable solution for such a prestigious and important building.

Project: St Helens Hospital
Main Contractor: Taylor Woodrow
Smoke & Natural Ventilation Systems

A smoke and natural ventilation system to the new courtyard with atrium windows. Different elevations are controlled individually with local switches, temperature sensors and a central roof mounted weather station. Multiple staircase smoke ventilation systems provide for the safe evacuation of patients. Compact CDC chain actuators and KA chain actuators were installed at low and high level connected to a BMS system for daily control.

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