Natural ventilation control

Life improving

Natural ventilation uses natural pressure to circulate fresh air and create comfortable temperatures all year round.  An improved environment in which we work, live and learn. 


Automatic temperature controlled 230V
systems with weather override.


A complete building natural ventilation system with multi zone solutions using stand alone or BMS integrated controls.


Weather stations can include wind, rain, temperature and light sensing.

  Multiple sensing incl. temperature, C02,
humidity, occupancy & timer settings.

Clever design (integrated actuators invisible to the eye) and intelligent components make this a flexible, cost effective alternative to a HVAC system.

The intelligence

Room temperature and CO2 control
Weather station for external monitoring
Interface with BMS and/or heating systems
Actuators & Drives
Remote Control
Ventilation switches
  For added flexibility, natural ventilation
and smoke ventilation can be combined
in a single system.


Which control system is right for your project?

Choosing the correct system is crucial.
For advice on the optimum choice for
your project, call the technical team
0161 491 4840.


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