Locking drives

A locking drive is an electro-mechanical device that locks windows and vents after closure.

Concealed automatic lock for facade windows with a
direct interface with opening actuators.
VLD Sliding Lock attachment for concealed applications.  
VLD Sliding Lock attachment for surface mounted applications.  
  An automatic lock for windows using
a standard locking mechanism.

Two versions are available:

Locking devices that also act as window handles
Locking devices that work with standard sliding lock fittings


Complete remote control

When a locking device interfaces with a window actuator, it allows the complete remote controlled operation of a window, including locking and unlocking. Integrated electronics simultaneously take over the control of the connected window drives.


Discreet by design

This system is also design friendly. The versatile and extremely compact VLD drive can be completely concealed within most profile systems. Surface mounting options are also available.

Finding the right solution

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effective locking drive and installation for your
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