Chain actuators
Chain actuators are the modern, elegant solution to window and
vent automation.

Self lubricating corrosion resistant double linking chain.

The KA Series has the largest chain actuator range

with single, twin and syncronised options.


A fire rated, anti-finger trap compact actuator small enough

to be integrated in to the window profile.


A compact versatile actuator with integrated

remote control option available.


Out of sight
Our designs enable actuators to lie flat on window profiles, fit directly onto opening leaves or be fully concealed within profiles. When the window is closed, the chain disappears into the actuator housing leaving clean lines and no protruding rods.


The largest ranges of chain actuator options:

230v and 24v options
Opening forces from 150N -1000N
Opening stroke lengths up to 1400mm
Synchronisation of up to 8 actuators on one vent
Passive and active automatic anti-finger trap facilities on closing
Direct connection to sensors and controls with no need for
control panels
Direct interface to locking drives with no need for control panels
PDA and laptop programming
High speed function for smoke ventilation
Fire rated to comply with EN12101-2 specification for SHEVs
Tested to a minimum of 11,000 cycles for natural ventilation
RAL colour options available

Which actuator is right for your project?

Choosing the right linear actuator is crucial.
For advice on the optimum choice for your
project, call the technical team on

0161 491 4840.

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